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Even though Federal and Provincial Health authorities have lifted Proof of Vaccination, your Management Committee has decided to keep required proof of vaccination for indoor in-person gatherings. The developed 'In-person Venue Guidelines and Protocols' are to reduce the risks involved in socializing. Click here to view them

Please note, due to the COVID experience, we are not able to accommodate non-members at this time for events and activities.


The PROBUS Club of Pickering is a local community association of active retired and semi retired seniors who join together with others of similar interests. The purpose of PROBUS is to provide regular gatherings offering varied social and learning opportunities. Members participate, engage, develop friendships and have fun!

PROBUS encompasses a diverse background of interests, generates cordiality, friendship, goodwill, and a sense of community.

Monthly general meetings offered by the PROBUS Executive provide Club updates. Informative speakers provoke interest and discussion on a wide range of topics. Regular Activities are offered allowing PROBUS members to meet in smaller groups to pursue common interests.

If you are retired, searching for new experiences and enjoy meeting people, PROBUS meets your needs. To satisfy your interest in trips, excursions, or hearing exciting speakers, this club provides it. Whether making new friends, learning new skills, or developing new interests, the PROBUS Club of Pickering is an excellent fit for you.

If you are a Pickering resident, please JOIN US!

President’s Message - February 2023

Pickering PROBUS has “HEART”

Hello PROBUS members:

St. Valentine’s Day, February 14, did not come to be celebrated as a day of romance until the 14th century although the true origin of the holiday remains vague. One common legend states that St. Valentine defied the emperor’s orders and married couples to spare the husbands from war. Thus, the feast day is associated with love. Commercial valentines in the U. S. were first printed in the mid-1800’s, commonly depicting Cupid, the roman god of love, along with hearts, the traditional seat of emotion.

Pickering PROBUS is a club with HEART.  You, our members, are at the heart of our club where we:

     H -     HEAR dynamic speakers

     E -      ENJOY exciting events

     A -      ATTEND activities; acquire new friends


     T -      TRAVEL together

Don’t miss out!  Check the website, the newsletter and Facebook for the many opportunities being offered to our club. A “heartfelt” thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers who make it happen.

We “heartily” welcome all of our new members. By joining in activities of your choice we are sure you soon feel right at home.

PROBUS Canada is in the process of making changes that affect our club. Our current Director of District #2 and Director of PROBUS Canada, Brenda Andrews, will be speaking to us about some of these at our General meeting in April. Please mark your calendars for Wednesday, April 26 to hear Brenda’s message.

Stay Tuned: Plans are underway to celebrate our many volunteers and new members, as well as the 10th anniversary of Pickering PROBUS!


Due to construction at the Chestnut Hill Recreation Centre we will be moving to the Don Beer Arena 940 Dillingham Road, Pickering, for the Wednesday,  February 22 meeting at 10:00 a.m. Watch for further details as they are given on the website and in the newsletter.

Hope to see you there!

Marilyn Werry


What's Coming Up You Ask?

Below are the next few events.  For a full listing, visit the Calendar section.  We frequently add new events, so make sure you check by here often.

You are reminded that we have strict COVID protocols in place for all in-person events.  Click here to review them.

Upcoming events

  • No upcoming events

Febuary Speaker - Lori Oschefski 

Our speaker for February is Lori Oschefski. Lori is the President of Home Children Canada which she founded in 2012. Home Children Canada is now the leading organization in the world that advocates for the lost voices of so many children brought to our shores.

Home Children Canada provides families with a platform to tell their stories and find free help with their own family research if they had relatives who came to Canada as one of the thousands of British Home Children. Lori’s personal connection comes through her mother, who arrived in Canada at the tender age of 2.

Lori is the author of “Bleating of the Lambs-Canada’s British Home Children”.

Are You interested in becoming a GREETER??

Help make our new members feel welcome!

Arrive early to our meetings and introduce a new member to other members. Show them to the Wishing Well, Events tables, Coffee andTea stations. Just be a FRIEND!

For more information contact our Activities Co-ordinator Kathy Borisko at



Reg Whynott was our Managing Director for over 25 years and retired in August of 2022. There are a lot of you that did know  Reg and some of you may not have. Reg is a wonderful person and was dedicated to PROBUS CANADA . Read more...

Upcoming Durham District PROBUS Meeting

Last fall PROBUS Clubs in Durham joined twice via ZOOM to resume the practice of sharing ideas, concerns and resources with one another. During the meeting many relevant topics were discussed including maintaining or growing membership, finding engaging speakers and encouraging members to assume leadership positions.

The first of these ZOOM meetings for 2023 is set for Tuesday, February 28 at 1:30 p.m.  Our Vice President, Rod Lawrence, will be our representative on that day.  Look for Rod’s update and report next month!


Your January Newsletter is now available!

The January edition from our twin club, Raumati NZ is now available.

PROBUS Canada's latest newsletter edition is also available. 

CHANGE OF PLANS? Click here to learn how to cancel your event registration through the website process. To download a copy for print, click here.

WEBSITE TRAINING Our website training session is recorded and available for our members only by clicking here.


Where activities allow one guest, they must be an active PROBUS Club of Pickering Member. Thank you for your understanding.


Pickering PROBUS provides many exciting activities for its members. Activities are initiated by our member volunteers who tailor these to suit a wide variety of interests.  Some activities run year round while others, such as golf, may be seasonal in nature.

Members may connect with some activities on Zoom and with others in person. Activities provide a regular scheduled opportunity to make new friends and socialize with fellow members. Come out to learn something new, practice a skill, or just have fun!


Pickering PROBUS is a social organization and members enjoy meeting together to share group experiences.  Outings to local events may include venues such as theatres, restaurants or nearby attractions. Learn about our province by taking a PROBUS bus trip to historic sites, museums, wineries, or areas of interest. Gathering together for Pickering PROBUS celebrations is always fun! As a member enjoy the annual wine & cheese, the barbecue and the Christmas luncheon.  Advance registration and payment is required.

Monthly Member Meetings

Our monthly member meetings are held the 4th Wednesday of each month and are a great opportunity to meet other members. Each month we provide a guest presenter, information about upcoming events and website support. Goodies included! We look forward to seeing you there.

City of Pickering Updates

The City of Pickering, from time to time, request that we share information with our membership about issues of interest to our seniors. 

Click on the links to the right to find out more.

 Our sincere thanks to the City of Pickering for their ongoing support of our Club

The City of Pickering:

Here is where you can get the latest news of the COVID vaccination schedule

Community Care Durham is looking for new volunteers and they are asking YOU to spread the word. Do you know someone who would enjoy the rewarding experience of volunteering? Here’s your chance to recruit a friend, family member or neighbour and be eligible to win prizes! Please refer interested candidates to the Volunteer Coordinators at 905-668-6318 or 905-668-1653 or email them at

All CCD programs and services remain unchanged and will continue to run as usual in order to provide vital services that help our clients remain safely at home. To inquire how they can help you, visit their COVID-19 page or call them at 1-888-255-6680.

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