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The PROBUS Club of Pickering is a local community association of active retired and semi retired seniors who join together with others of similar interests. The purpose of PROBUS is to provide regular gatherings offering varied social and learning opportunities. Members participate, engage, develop friendships and have fun!

PROBUS encompasses a diverse background of interests, generates cordiality, friendship, goodwill, and a sense of community.

Monthly general meetings offered by the PROBUS Executive provide Club updates. Informative speakers provoke interest and discussion on a wide range of topics. Regular Activities are offered allowing PROBUS members to meet in smaller groups to pursue common interests.

If you are retired, searching for new experiences and enjoy meeting people, PROBUS meets your needs. To satisfy your interest in trips, excursions, or hearing exciting speakers, this club provides it. Whether making new friends, learning new skills, or developing new interests, the PROBUS Club of Pickering is an excellent fit for you.

We have reached a maximum member allowance and are currently unable to take new membership at this time.

Scenes of Pickering

President’s Message - April 2024

Greetings PROBUS members,

Welcome back to many of our Snowbirds who have travelled near and far.

As we move further into spring, our club continues to thrive with engaging activities and enriching experiences. We’ve had to suspend our new membership applications due to our maximum level of 500. Does anyother Club in the region have this “problem”?!

I want to extend my personal thank you to VP Nancy Turner Grant, Kathy Borisko, Iris Forsey, John Roberts and Marilyn Werry for running our first Coffee & Conversation and Website Navigation activity, which was a huge success. I’ve had nothing but positive feedback for this unique idea which is of great benefit to newmembers. Our next meeting for this activity will take place April 3rd. For all new members please try to attend.

At our last monthly meeting we had a guest speaker, Steve Lapp, who enlightened us on the crucial topic of sustainable energy and electric vehicle (EV) technology. Steve discussed the current state of EV vehiclesand addressed concerns regarding range, charging infrastructure and affordability. It was a great learning experience.

Next month’s speaker will be Robert Clapperton who will speak on the topic of Generative Artificial Intelligence.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with family and friends. Looking forward to seeing you all at our next General Meeting on April 24th.

Yours for Probus,

Rod Lawrence

What's Coming Up You Ask?

Below are the next few events.  For a full listing, visit the Calendar section.  We frequently add new events, so make sure you check by here often.

You are reminded that we have protocols in place for all in-person events.  Click here to review them.

Upcoming Activities

  • For Members Only

April Speaker - Robert Clapperton

Robert Clapperton is an Associate Professor in Professional Communication at The Creative School, Toronto Metropolitan University.  Robert earned his PhD in English Language and Literature with a Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Science at the University of Waterloo.  He specializes in computational linguistics with an emphasis on the critical application of natural language processing understanding in education.  Robert is co-founder of Ametros Learning, a natural language understanding experiential learning platform.  The Ametros platform is currently used by universities, corporations, and professional associations across North America. 

The Promise and Peril of Generative Artificial Intelligence

Generative AI is a hot topic in the field of artificial intelligence. In this talk, we'll dive deep into the opportunities and risks associated with this type of AI. We'll examine the potential to create new forms of art, or to revolutionize the way we interact with machines. But we'll also look at the potential pitfalls, including biased algorithms, privacy risks, and the potential for AI-generated misinformation to spread. By the end of the talk, participants will have a better understanding of the promise and risks associated with generative AI, and they'll be well informed to make decisions about how to use it in their life.


Are YOU celebrating a BIRTHDAY this month?

If so, at the next General Meeting, go to the

Wishing Well table, print your name on a ticket

and place it in the Birthday Box. At the close of

the meeting your name may be chosen to win a

bottle of WINE!

Senior Discovery Tours 

Pickering PROBUS has joined the Senior Discovery Tours Insider Club Benefits program. Click here for some exciting information AND our virtual meeting is now available for your viewing!

Did You Know?

PROBUS CANADA INSURANCE - please note the link provided in the February Newsletter regarding insurance isn't working. Please find the updated information below:

PROBUS Canada has worked with Johnson Inc., a national benefits provider, to offer plans for our members. To learn more about these plans go to PROBUS Canada - Health/Travel

The plans include the following voluntary benefit options that can be purchased on a standalone basis to meet your insurance needs:

  • MEDOCĀ® Travel Insurance (includes Trip Cancellation). This plan can be purchased online. Enter PROBUS Canada as the group name. 
  • Extended Health Care (EHC) with "Prestige" Travel Insurance (includes Trip Cancellation)
  • Dental Care
  • Standalone Trip Cancellation & Interruption Travel Insurance
  • Guaranteed or Term Life Insurance

Website Hints -

  • IMPORTANT- Email registrations: Please do not forward event emails with a registration button to anyone! If this button is used by anyone else, they can log into your account, see your personal data, register for the event (you will be invoiced). The registration button (link) is active for many days. This issue has been escalated to the Wild Apricot developers for a resolution.
  • How to cancel your event registration online
  • Training video (Website fuctionality)


Your April Newsletter is now available!

See the latest news here from our twin club, Raumati NZ 

PROBUS Canada's latest newsletter edition is also available. 

Too many Emails?

Let us know at and we'll update your profile!

Bring Your Meeting Mug

In order to contribute to reducing our carbon footprint, members are encouraged to bring reusable mugs for coffee or tea at the General Meeting. Disposable cups will be available for those who require them.

Guest Opportunities

Where activities allow one guest, they must be an active PROBUS Club of Pickering Member. Non-member guests may be allowed depending on the activity. Please check with the activity coordinator.

Thank you for your understanding.

Protocols and guidelines for club meetings, events and activities


Pickering PROBUS provides many exciting Activities for its members. Activities are initiated by our member volunteers who tailor these to suit a wide variety of interests.   Activities range from Card/Table games such as Bridge, Cribbage, Euchre, Bid Euchre and Mah Jong to the Walking group and seasonal, bi-weekly Golf.  Readers can join one of three Book Clubs. For those who enjoy eating out choices include the Men’s Breakfast Club; R.O.D.E.O. (Retired Old Dames Eating Out); Tastes of the World and Happy Hour. Additional activity groups vary from General Knowledge, Genealogy, Bowling, Billiards and Pinball to Crafts, Knitting, and Improv and more.

Activities provide a regular scheduled opportunity to make new friends and socialize with fellow members. Come out to learn something new, practise a skill, or just have fun.

Activities are generally restricted to members only. Non-member guests may be allowed depending on the activity. Please check with the activity coordinator.


Pickering PROBUS is a social organization and members enjoy meeting together to share group experiences.  Outings to local events may include venues such as theatres, restaurants or nearby attractions. Learn about our province by taking a PROBUS bus trip to historic sites, museums, wineries, or areas of interest. Gathering together for Pickering PROBUS celebrations is always fun! As a member enjoy the annual wine & cheese, the barbecue and the Christmas luncheon.  Advance registration and payment is required.

Monthly Member Meetings

Our monthly member meetings are held the 4th Wednesday of each month and are a great opportunity to meet other members. Each month we provide a guest presenter, information about upcoming events and website support. Goodies included! We look forward to seeing you there.

City of Pickering Updates

The City of Pickering, from time to time, request that we share information with our membership about issues of interest to our seniors. 

Click on the links to the right to find out more.

Our sincere thanks to the City of Pickering for their ongoing support of our Club

The City of Pickering:

Here is where you can get the latest City health guidelines.  

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