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Now that we have returned to in-person gatherings, your Management Team has developed some 'In-person Venue Guidelines and Protocols' to assist us in navigating through our meetings. Click here to view them.

Please note, due to COVID restrictions, we are not able to accommodate guests at this time for all events and activities.


The PROBUS Club of Pickering is a local community association of active retired and semi retired seniors who join together with others of similar interests. The purpose of PROBUS is to provide regular gatherings offering varied social and learning opportunities. Members participate, engage, develop friendships and have fun!

PROBUS encompasses a diverse background of interests, generates cordiality, friendship, goodwill, and a sense of community.

Monthly general meetings offered by the PROBUS Executive provide Club updates. Informative speakers provoke interest and discussion on a wide range of topics. Regular Activities are offered allowing PROBUS members to meet in smaller groups to pursue common interests.

If you are retired, searching for new experiences and enjoy meeting people, PROBUS meets your needs. To satisfy your interest in trips, excursions, or hearing exciting speakers, this club provides it. Whether making new friends, learning new skills, or developing new interests, the PROBUS Club of Pickering is an excellent fit for you.

During Covid, meetings and some Activities have continued on ZOOM to ensure our members remain connected with each other.

If you are a Pickering resident, please JOIN US!

President’s Message - September 2022