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In-person Venue Guidelines and protocols

V5 -202209

  • All in-person activities, events and gatherings require attending members to do so in accordance with our club’s appropriate guidelines and protocols. Not withstanding, adherence to specific venue guidelines at the time.
  • Exceptions may be granted to allow fully vaccinated non-members as guests on certain excursions where appropriate.
  • Requirements for attendance at the venue are:
    • Non-members are unable to participate in any events, activities or gatherings at this time.
    • Name badges or other identification required at the registration desk. This Registry may serve for Covid tracing.
    • Members must be fully vaccinated and show proof unless they have already been verified in our system.
    • Hand sanitizers are available and we encourage you to use them.
    • Masks are not mandatory at outdoor or indoor venue but members at high medical risk are encouraged to bring them and wear them.
    • If food and beverages are supplied by management, it will be pre-wrapped, bottled or canned.
    • No self serve allowed. Our volunteers will dispense using gloves, tongs and appropriate precautions.
    • Socializing is encouraged with appropriate behaviour to protect yourselves and your fellow members.
    • Please act in a caring and respectful manner.

Thank you for your understanding and compliance.

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