Garry Fitzpatrick

President's Message

by Garry Fitzpatrick

Thought I would change the picture to one of me reliving my youth. Yes, at the CNE taking advantage of all that is offered for seniors. Travel is not a problem as GO delivers you to the grounds for less than $5.00 with free parking. Upon arrival you are given a daily programme of events. We were able to plan our day to include the Ice show with Elvis Stoyko and a gymnastic display at the Ricoh Centre, the water show at the lake shore, an amazing show of African Music and Dancing with unreal feats of strength, and topped it all off with a cooking show and a great concert at the Bandshell and all for the price of admission. Years ago the Food Building was a source for a tummy full of samples and the midway a strip however, this has all changed and the food is not free but certainly complete with international cuisine and the midway is gigantic and to my wife’s dismay a huge line up for Tiny Tom’s donuts which I would not get in line for. In all we had a great day late into the evening and came home exhausted. The CNE in our young mind symbolized the end of summer and return to school and that has never changed except a long time ago we graduated and don’t have to do that anymore unless we should wish to expand our horizons. So please take part in senior advantages that come your way such as ‘The Pickering Aging Well Together 55 Plus event’ at the recreation complex on our next meeting date Sept. 27th. This will be a great time for all.

I’m fighting the whole aging thing......I’m not going 'old' easy


Pickering PROBUS meets the 4th Wednesday of the month:

Pickering Recreation Complex
1867 Valley Farm Road
East Salon
10:00 a.m.

The next meeting is on September 27th at the Pickering Recreation Complex.

We will not be having our traditional style meeting in September. We encourage you to participate in the City’s Senior’s Fair on Wed Sept 27th. – See Announcements page for more details

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