July 26, 2017

Janet Matthews

Janet Matthews is a bestselling author, free-lance editor and inspirational speaker. When Jack Canfield first invited her to co-author Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul, she jumped at the chance. When it was released in 2002 it shot right to the top of the bestseller lists all across Canada. Since 2002, Janet has been inspiring audiences with her heartfelt journey of creating this unique Canadian book. With her stories, anecdotes and passionate delivery, Janet lights up a room. She now has stories in nine Chicken Soup for the Soul books, and is thrilled to announce the recent release of Chicken Soup for the Soul The Spirit of Canada - 101 Stories of Love and Gratitude for Canada.  This beautiful new collection of Canadian stories is her contribution to help celebrate Canada 150.

Janet has been a guest on countless television and radio talk shows across Canada, and gives a very dynamic interview. She is generally available for guest speaking spots and interviews, and you may contact her through www.janetmatthews.ca or www.canadiansoul.com.


August 23, 2017

Brock Godfrey - back by popular demand

Topic: Mass Marketing Fraud and Cybercrime Awareness. The presentation will cover Mass Marketing Fraud, Identity Theft, other scams – and how to avoid them. Nearly 80 percent of mass marketing fraud is conducted by organized crime groups and is currently the second most common criminal activity funding terrorist activities.”


October 25, 2017

Neil Crone

A dog, a priest and a rabbi walk into an oncology clinic...

Improvisers are trained to never say 'no', to never block or negate an idea. Instead, like comic ascetics, they are drilled in the 'Rule of Yes', trained to take any offer; good, bad, stupid or, in Neil's case, a stage 3 colo-rectal cancer diagnosis, and to run with it. To throw energy and unbridled enthusiasm into it and see where it takes them. And above all...to enjoy the ride. And what a ride it is. In an uplifting and often side-splitting presentation Neil describes how the two seemingly disparate milestones in his life, learning to improvise and receiving the 'gift' of cancer, dovetailed into one glorious and wonderfully life-altering epiphany.