AGING WELL TOGETHER EVENT – Wednesday September 27th 9:30-2:30pm

The purpose of this special day is to introduce the many programs and activities and their specific benefits, which can help enhance the enjoyment of your future years. The benefits of healthy eating, exercise, socializing and volunteerism have been carefully researched and documented. Our guest speakers are experts in their respective fields and will explain how, even if you have never participated in similar programs in the past, there are many benefits that can be attained. Getting outside of your comfort zone and stretching your abilities can prove to be a stimulating and rewarding experience. It is never too late to get started!

Opening Remarks from Minister of Senior Affairs Dameria and Mayor Ryan.

The main lobby level will be set up as an information fair with participants such as:

We have recently been asked to provide a “Scent Free” space at our meetings. Perfumes and aftershave products can make breathing very uncomfortable especially for those suffering from allergies. We would appreciate your cooperation in refraining from using these products at any of our functions.

MedsCheck Programme: Now available to Seniors in Ontario, a review of the meds of anyone taking 3 or more prescriptions on an ongoing basis, administered by pharmacists, with the patient’s consent. All pharmacists in Ontario will use standardized forms, and will review the appropriateness of your medications, your treatment plan, and any allergies or possible drug side effects.