We have recently been asked to provide a “Scent Free” space at our meetings. Perfumes and aftershave products can make breathing very uncomfortable especially for those suffering from allergies. We would appreciate your cooperation in refraining from using these products at any of our functions.

Photography Club: We are starting a new club. If you are interested please sign up at the next meeting.

Ski Club: Are you interested in downhill or cross country skiing? Most ski hills offer both; they rent skis and offer lessons too. We hope to take advantage of group discounts and to we will enjoy the great outdoors. Sign up at a PROBUS meeting or email Joan Black at

1st Pickering Pickleball Club: We are excited to announce that our Monday play will be relocating to the East and West Salon rooms at the Pickering Recreation Complex beginning on Monday, November 27th. Our Club and the Pickering Recreation staff are inviting anyone interested in trying pickleball to join our club members on that date. Play will be ongoing from 9 to 1. The cost will be $3 payable at the front desk.

The 1st Pickering Pickleball Club will continue to play at the Pickering Village United Church gym on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

Beginning on December 1st, our Club will be requiring all players to be members of the Pickleball Association of Ontario. The membership is $15 per year. We will then be covered for insurance purposes under the PAO insurance plan. For more information, please contact David Werry at

MedsCheck Programme: Now available to Seniors in Ontario, a review of the meds of anyone taking 3 or more prescriptions on an ongoing basis, administered by pharmacists, with the patient’s consent. All pharmacists in Ontario will use standardized forms, and will review the appropriateness of your medications, your treatment plan, and any allergies or possible drug side effects.